Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 40 (2024)

Bctomlin said:

Well, actually, you could probably remove the Trump 10 because with the way I've got it planned Taylor would actually get the power of the Beast from Cole.

I'll explain.

In my fic, the end of Cole's story was a combination of the Good and Evil endings, with Cole having Good karma but choosing the evil ending because, like Kuo, he was afraid of dying and because there was only a 50/50 chance that the Ray Inhibitor would cure the plague, so he becomes the new Beast after John gives him his powers and goes around the countryside activating Conduits despite how awful it makes him feel.

Then Abaddon shows up, takes a look at Conduits, which are unique to Cole's multiversal branch and something the Entities had never encountered before, decides they might provide a clue as to how the Entities would survive entropy, and captures Cole, the strongest and most unique speciman of them all, and imprisons him inside a shard before leaving to inform the other Entities of his discovery, destroying all instances of Cole's world in the process.

Unfortunately for Abaddon, however, his poor understanding of how Conduits work, combined with Cole's rather unique situation and status as a sort of Energy Being, allows Cole to repeatedly resist his attempts to fully subdue and control him, to the point that he even starts to hijack and take over the shard he was imprisoned in.

Abaddon, eventually deciding that Cole's more trouble than he's worth, pushes him off onto Eden when they exchange shards, and Cole's constant struggling is what distracts Eden so much that she crash lands.

Cole, now free from the Entity's control but still trapped inside his shard, decides to pass on his powers and memories to someone on Earth Bet to continue the fight, both to get revenge for the destruction of his homeworld, and as a way to atone for having a hand in destroying one form of humanity by helping to save another, and eventually chooses Taylor because, by seeing/listening in on the other shards, he is able to see the possible futures Eden saw where Scion died, and thus knows that she has the best chance of stopping him.

So, he uses his Shard to alter Taylor's biology so she has the Conduit gene and then transfers his powers into her, making Taylor both the Third Beast and the last Conduit in existence, with the combined powers and fragmented memories of both Cole Macgrath and John White at her disposal.

So, since she's a Conduit here and not a parahuman, and the Conduit gene was unique to Cole's multiverse, which is gone now, she's not going to be empowering anyone, so no Trump rating, I don't think.

Wouldn't she have a Breaker rating though?

And what do you think of my backstory as to how Taylor got Beast!Cole's powers?

Gives I feel a little too much complex thought and organization to the entities, their problems stem from them explicitly lacking those things. Immediately destroying all Infamous-verse Earths due to shortsightedness would be believable but doing that isn't something the entities can just do on a whim either. Too grim for my liking anyway honestly. Making Taylor the "Last Conduit" feels odd to, like making her special for the sake of being special I guess.

Plus this would require Abaddon be able to access universes outside the Worm multiverse, which seems off too me for reasons I just spent several minutes failing to properly articulate. If the entities could easily access worlds outside their native multiverse I feel like they wouldn't have been concerned about running out of space/energy in said multiverse.

My alternative (which probably isn't any better)

Something loosely based off the "plot" of Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale, a powerful being with the ability to travel between realities breaks things for it's own amusem*nt, affecting several worlds outside the Worm multiverse. Cole and several others caught up in the mess fight to defeat the being, fighting others who think they can steal the beings power for themselves. Among those who want to steal the antagonists power is a Cole whose been bad karma from the first choice in the first game (up to the moment he was pulled into all this after becoming The Beast in his world), directly apposed to the other Cole who has been good karma from day one and had just used the last Blast Core before being pulled into the antagonist's sub-space pocket dimension.

Ultimately Good Cole and his allies defeat the villains involved and then defeat the being who started it all. Cole delivers the final blow and due to a quirk of the beings nature he does in fact steal it's power. He uses this to send everyone else back to their worlds and undo the damage that started everything, the sub-space pocket begins collapsing and Good Cole has a final battle with Beast Cole, subduing his evil counterpart. But the sub-space area is still collapsing around them and without breaking things again he can't stop it and doesn't want to send Beast Cole back to his world with his powers intact for fear of what he'll do and he can't imagine taking him to his own world would be any better since he still has John to deal with and having his evil twin around could only make things worse.

So, using the abilities he gained from the thing that started the mess he looks for a quick solution. Thus:

The Beast

Under the dark, slowly rolling clouds Taylor walked quickly to the school gate, clutching her damp books to her chest and fighting back tears. Her efforts were made more difficult by the audible laughter of her schoolmates and the continued verbal cruelty of her tormentors.

"How'd she even get into high school, she's so stupid shouldn't she still be in preschool?"

"I bet she'd even fail there."

"Did you see her books? Doesn't she know we have toilet paper for a reason?"

"Are you really surprised? Look how she dresses, I think I saw that shirt in a dumpster yesterday."

"I've seen Merchants with better hygiene."

Emma spoke up, loud enough to be heard over the others. "If I were her I think I'd kill myself."

"Oh god, she really should!" Julia echoed the sentiment, setting off a wave of mocking laughter through the group.

"No one wants her around anyway, no one would miss her." One of the others half squealed while giggling.

Taylor froze mid step, choking back a sob and angry retort, experience had shown either would only inspire them to further heights of petty torment. She took another step…

A blinding flash illuminated Winslow and a deafening roar of thunder drowned out all other sound.


"Hey, wake up." A gruff but concerned voice reached Taylor's ears. "Come on kid, open your eyes."

Taylor winced as she followed the voice's instructions, she was met with a black, star filled sky. The dust and the smell of smoke filled the air, along with ozone and a constant crackle of electricity from somewhere nearby. She got to her feet and lifted her eyes to find the source of the voice.

A man stood not far from her, he wore a white t-shirt with black shoulders and sleeves and dark pants. On his arms were a number of tattoos. His hair was buzzed short. All that was quickly forgotten though, minor details easily ignored when the man was all but glowing as he floated a foot off the scorched and cracked ground, lightning arcing off his body at random. His eyes glowed a brilliant, electric blue.

"Who-" Taylor began, but the man held up a hand.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have time," He told her, a tired look on his face. "I don't have time, if I did you wouldn't be here, but this is the only solution I've got."

"Wh-solution for what?" Taylor asked, understandably confused.

"I'm sorry," The electric man said again. "This isn't your problem, it shouldn't be your burden but there's nothing else I can do."

"What are you talking about?" Taylor demanded, ignoring that the man was clearly a powerful parahuman. He wasn't making sense and she was hardly in the mood to be given the run around.

A distorted voice reached Taylor's ears then and she looked past the parahuman before her to find an orb of energy ten feet wide some thirty feet behind the electric man. Inside it was another person, a near identical copy of the parahuman before her. The one in the bubble however glowed a dark, angry red as he flailed wildly at his prison.

"He'll recover enough to break out soon," the electric man told her, drawing Taylor's attention back to him. "If that happens I won't be able to trap him again, best case scenario we kill each other. I've got people counting on me though, I have to get home but I can't let him go free, not with his powers."

"What does that have to do with me?" Taylor asked, exasperated. She tried not to show her fear of what exactly the electric man's doppelganger might do if he escaped.

"I'm trusting you with this, that's what," He answered quickly, floating back a little and turning to his trapped twin. "I can't let him keep his powers and I don't trust myself with them, so it's all you kid."

"You-what? You can't just give someone someone else's powers, that's not how it works...is it?" Taylor asked, wondering if she really had somehow not known something so significant about parahumans.

"I know this is confusing, and it's not gonna make any more sense when this is over," The electric man said, taking a breath and raising his left hand towards his double. "But trust me, this is the best we can do."

"But-!" Taylor began, only to be silenced by a peal of thunder and agonized screams as red lightning leapt from the other man to the outstretched palm of the glowing parahuman.

Then the electric man turned to face Taylor again, raising his right hand while his twin continued to shriek in pain.

"This is gonna hurt," He warned her as red lightning began arcing over his right arm. "I know, I've been through it before. It's gonna be scary as hell but I know you're tougher than you look, you can take it."

Crimson light filled Taylor's eyes and she screamed.

This isn't ideal, The electric man's voice echoed in the back of her mind. I wish I had more time, time to come up with a better solution. I've got to trust you to be a better person than either of us. Don't get lost like he did Taylor, don't become The Beast.


As the roar of thunder died away and the blinding light faded Taylor Hebert fell to the charred pavement under her feet, lying unmoving as smoke curled around her.

Panic struck every student in the area, most ran for cover, fearing another lightning strike, others simply ran hoping to avoid involvement with whatever events unfolded in the following minutes. Emma Barnes took a halting step toward her former friend, idly wondering why her eyes stung.

"T-Taylor?" Emma called out, taking another step forward. "Hey, Taylor!"

"Emma-" Sophia started, reaching out to the redhead. Emma ignored her and sprinted to Taylor's side.

"Taylor!" She snapped, rolling the taller girl onto her back. "Taylor you-you, come on, this isn't funny!"

Sophia caught up and recoiled at the sight of Taylor's darkened skin, covered in faintly glowing orange cracks. She wasn't moving, her chest didn't rise and fall with breath, Sophia could see that even with Emma shaking her. She dialed emergency services, even if someone else had already likely done so and even knowing it wasn't likely anything could be done for Taylor.

"Taylor-" Emma continued calling out, alternately demanding and begging Taylor wake up. She jumped when Sophia grabbed her to pull her away.

As Sophia struggled to pull an increasingly agitated Emma back while they waited for an ambulance neither noticed Taylor's eyes briefly flicker open, glowing like twin red stars before closing again as she began to breath as rain started to fall and thunder rolled in the distance.


That's just basically how I'd go about it if making it a case of Taylor (or anyone else) get the powers more or less directly from the source rather than shard powers that just happen to be near identical. Plus doesn't rely on the entities spontaneously jumping multiverses and having a overall plan they're all working on and talk to each other about.

Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 40 (2024)
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